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Our disciplines

Architecture / We create spaces where you feel comfortable and where you can achieve your full potential; a space where you can ‘be’. We not only pay attention to the rational and functional side of the commission, but also to the future users. This way, an ideology is created that fits the people who will live, work or just spent time in that particular space.

Urbanism / We have expertise on various scales and extensive experience with different types of urban challenges, from area development to urban quality plans and architectural quality control.

Advice / We guide your project in the right direction from start to completion. We also ensure that the contract agreements are complied with and the budget is monitored at all times. We work with a detailed schedule so you are always aware of the progress and financial status of your project. We have expertise regarding Breeam, BENG and circular construction.

Engineering / We translate concepts and architectural designs into 2D drawings or into a three-dimensional BIM model. The drawings can be used for building permits, tenders and construction.

Development / We have expertise in urban development. In case our client has an idea with great potential but needs help to get it off the ground, we take the initiative, find a fitting location, seek investors or developers and create opportunities.