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B+O Architecture and Urban Design has a pivotal role in the entire design and construction process. We guide and advise our client and provide guidance to the parties involved, from the initiation phase through to completion. We have the knowledge and experience to guide your project in the right direction from start to completion. In addition, we are proactive, direct and clear to both you as the client, as well as to the other parties involved. We also ensure that the contract agreements are complied with and the budget is monitored at all times.

During the process, we work with a detailed schedule so you are always aware of the progress and financial status of your project. We can be called upon in every stage of the design and construction process. The projects are led by one of our experienced project leaders so that the lines of communication are always short, ensuring an optimal communication. During the first meeting, we identify your needs, we will explain the options, and we will give you a clear and appropriate recommendation.

Breeam / feasibility studies / various permits / project management / supervision / cost consultancy / energy performance advice (EPA) / EPC and MPC calculation / Passive and self-sufficient building advice / Autarkic building / flora and fauna survey / archaeological research / tenders / construction site planning / asbestos inventory and reporting / construction specifications

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