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We are continuously developing new concepts, which serve the context. This means that we always take the context as a starting point and give it substance within the set limits. That means we stand for contextual architecture: versatile, powerful, extremely diverse and not to be grouped in a single style. Our project portfolio ranges from private homes and social housing, redevelopment assignments to large-scale healthcare and retail projects.

In every project, we strive for maximum sustainability and circularity, in the broadest sense of the word. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the construction of energy-neutral, passive and self-sufficient houses. We have also worked on a number of redevelopment projects. We anticipate any design issues that will play a role in the future. A design is truly sustainable and circular when it can be properly adapted to the requirements of the time.

retail / care / housing / residential / offices / interior / repurpose / agricultural development / renovation / expansion / museums / industrial / 3D-modeling

Selected projects