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B+O Architecture and Urban Design translates concepts and architectural designs into 2D drawings or into a three-dimensional BIM model. The drawings can be used for building permits, tenders and construction execution. Thanks to our thorough knowledge and years of experience, you are always assured of quality down to the smallest detail when you work with us.

What we do

BIM / We are specialised in BIM execution methodology. BIM (Building Information Modelling) makes the integral cooperation of all parties possible, including the client, architect, engineer, contractor and installer. From the initiation phase till completion, the different parties work inside a single digital 3D model that contains all architectural and technical information about the project. This way, the parties have detailed information about the project from an early stage. In addition, any errors or inconsistencies in the design can be solved, which can lead to huge savings in the execution phase.

Construction drawings / We can provide you with fully detailed construction drawings. When the design of the project is finalised, we can support you with various products and services such as site survey and drawings of the existing situation, revision drawings, execution drawings etcetera.

3D site survey / We use the revolutionary 3D site survey. With this way of measuring, locations, construction sites, existing buildings or objects can be measured very accurately and in a short amount of time. As a result, the margin for error approaches zero and much additional data is generated. This data form the basisfor BIM (Building Information Model). 3D measurements can be carried outin a wide variety of project disciplines. These include renovations, new construction, extensions, measuringfloor areas, etc.


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