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We take the identity and quality of the landscape as a framework and starting point for each assignment. Next, we interpret the context and create conditions for the development of the spot. Our goal is to always maintain and strengthen the existing quality, the original identity and the potential of the area as much as possible.

We possess expertise on various scale levels and have extensive experience with different types of landscapes. We are a professional partner of governments, developers, individuals and interest groups. We bring these separate parties together to jointly come to a feasible plan.

What we do

Area developments / An area development may be a conversion or restructuring of a rural or urban location. Each problem is different and there are always several interests which must be taken into account. Therefore, during the initiation phase, we identify the wishes and requirements. Then we carry out a feasibility study to provide insight into the possibilities and impossibilities. During the feasibility phase, we also create social, civil and administrative support with the involved parties, bringing these different parties together in the process. In consultation with these parties, we provide a feasible plan that will enhance the location and add value.

Structure plans A structure plan is a guiding document for governments, social organisations and citizens, in which the spatial policy of the specific government is stated. It shows how a city, town or province wants to develop, and what needs to happen to make this development possible. B+O Architects will present a solid plan in which context, social developments and the landscape and built environment are leading elements.

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