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B+O Architecture and Urban Design has extensive experience with regeneration and expansion, repurpose of locations, upgrading of villages, neighbourhoods and plans for town centres. We listen to the current demand and needs of the client and the community, but also anticipate possible developments that will play in the future.

We design plans that enhance the quality of life on the one hand and positively reinforce the character of the built-up area on the other. Our clients are municipalities, developers, communities and private clients.

What we do

Feasibility study / A feasibility study is a fast and efficient method to determine the feasibility of an initiative. The basics of the issue at hand are the foundation for the feasibility study. Also we will discuss your initiative during the feasibility phase with local and possibly provincial and national governments to obtain administrative and official support for the plan. As result we present a feasible plan that will enhance the location and add value.

Area developments / An area development may be a conversion or restructuring of a rural or urban location. Each problem is different and there are always several interests which must be taken into account. Therefore, during the initiation phase, we identify the wishes and requirements. Then we carry out a feasibility study to provide insight into the possibilities and impossibilities. 

Architectural quality control / B+O advises municipalities, developers and individuals about the aesthetic conditions that new buildings must meet. These conditions are written down in a report. Any new development should be realized within the framework set forth by that report, ensuring the project properly fits the landscape or built-up environment.

Morphological studies / In examining the morphology, we look at the proportions and relationships the shapes of the buildings have with each other as well as their identity, on a landscape and urban scale. This analysis of the morphology of the existing and the new situation is required for a reliable urban study.

Urban quality plans / An urban quality plan contains the ground rules with which new buildings and landscaping of an area must comply. We take into accountthe historical context and the original character of the area. This creates a better integration of the old or new building and safeguards and enhances the quality of the area that is developed.

Mass studies / A mass study provides insight into the possibilities of the realisation of a project. The study mainly provides spatial and visual impact of a location, without already making a detailed design. Before the study, we make an inventory of the issues at hand and propose a list of requirements which the development must meet. The study takes shape as a model, a three-dimensional impression or a sketch.

Landscaping plans When building offices, company buildings or health care facilities for example, there are specific requirements for what can be done with the terrain around the buildings. We provide advice and make a representative design that suits the look and function of the building.

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