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B+O Architecture and Urban Design is an innovative, entrepreneurial and multi-disciplinary architectural firm with extensive expertise within the various disciplines of architecture. We have long been a professional party and we distinguish ourselves in our field. We are continuously developing new concepts that serve the context. This means that we always take the context as a starting point and give it substance within the set limits. That means we stand for contextual architecture: versatile, powerful, extremely diverse and not to be grouped in a single style.

Our project portfolio ranges from private and social housing and from redevelopment assignments to large-scale healthcare and retail projects. B+O was founded in the year 2000 by architects Arnoud Olie and Pieter Brink and has since grown into a highly professional and well-established firm. Nowadays, the general leadership is in the hands of founder and visionary Arnoud Olie. The team consists of architects, urban designers, designers, project leaders, engineers and professional supporting staff.

We are

Curious / Why? A short, simple-looking question. Whatever the first answer might be, we go a step further. We ask the question behind the question so that the real truth will come to the surface. Only then will we start to translate the answer to the question into a suitable philosophy.

Passionate / We are passionate about everything we do. We want to leave behind beauty and memories for future generations. We want to make designs that help people and society to make the world a better place. This is our main goal.

Inventive / We always find a way to make things happen. We are creative and find different solutions to a problem. We see paths that others don’t. And we are not afraid to walk those paths.

Resilient / We simply do not give up. Ever.

Fearless No guts, no glory. We are not afraid to be ourselves. We are always honest and to the point about the possibilities. We only surprise you in a good way.