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B+O Architecture and Urban Design is committed to preserve and encourage art, culture, health and sports. That is how we want to ensure that our mission comes one step closer to completion. This is not just about money, but mainly about awareness and humanity. We support organizations that have the same objective as B+O and are committed to improving the world. Overview of sponsored causes:

speed skater Marije Joling / inline selectionteam Groningen-Drenthe / baseball team Red Giants / hospice Meppel / stichting Het Drentse Landschap / speed skater Jan Bos / theatre Ogterop / museum ‘t Olde Maat Uus / live in Meppel / sh!ft South Africa / prinsengrachtconcert 2009 / mill Museum De Wachter / stichting PGM Meppel


We stand for a healthy way of working and a healthy way of life. To keep the balance, it is important to keep moving. To make this easier and to stimulate this, B+O Architects has designed its own high-quality bicycle, running and ice skating clothing. For more information or for placing orders, please contact us by email or download the full clothing list with accompanying price list.