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B+O Architects opens office in Amsterdam

B+O Architects has opened an office at a central location in Amsterdam, opposite the former Olympic stadium. The architectural firm, which is also located in the former gasworks in Meppel, will from now on also serve the market from the capital. With this, B+O strives for even more cooperation and internationalization.

Arnoud Olie, architect and general manager: “Over the past twenty years we have developed into a national agency with an international culture. And this in a valuable, local city in the region. It is clear that borders and boundaries are fading. Our team consists of various nationalities and cultures, all of whom have found their way to Meppel. In order to continue this internationalization and to seek further cooperation, the opening of an office inAmsterdam is a logical next step. We will share the office with one of our business relations Het Gastenhuis. In addition, we are already looking at possibly more locations in the Netherlands, or even abroad.”

The headquarters of B+O Architects will remain in Meppel. Simultaneously with the expansion a new website has been launched, which reflects the objective and philosophy of the agency even better.