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House 'Klein Soestdijk' Veenhuizen

The directors house in the former prison colony in Veenhuizen has completely been restored. The house, also known as ‘Klein Soestdijk’, dates from the year 1859. All authentic details were retained or restored to their former glory during the renovation. This way, the history remains visible and the monument can serve for another couple of years.

The original red brick is still clearly visible at the rear of the building. The additions that were made in the past, such as the wings and the stucco, are still intact. Furthermore, the interior was restored to the original colours and the rooms have been decorated with appropriate upholstery and wallpaper. Klein Soestdijk now serves as educational institution.

architect: Pieter Brink / client: Stichting Het Drentse Landschap / contractor: HuneBouw bv / completion: 2012

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