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Agrifac Steenwijk

The factory and offices of Agrifac in Steenwijk have been extensively rebuilt and remodelled. The factory, where agricultural mechanisation machines are made, was very outdated and therefore no longer suitable for current business operations. The remodelling of the offices was done in two phases. The first phase involved the adaptation and expansion of the original office space. During the second phase, the empty offices on the Eesveenseweg were remodelled into usable office spaces. In this phase, an auditorium and a congress room were also realised, for training purposes and meetings.

At the same time, the factory hall was addressed. This has been completely demolished and rebuilt in phases. This was necessary for the new production process, which the factory has implemented. The production line was rotated a quarter of a turn in order to be able to produce more efficiently. The existing façades of the office area had a cultural-historical value and were therefore retained. The façade of the new factory hall is in line with this. The factory is BREEAM-certified.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Agrifac Machinery / contractor: Rottinghuis’ Aannemingsbedrijf bv and V.D. Most Bouw B.V. / completion: 2018

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