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Zwolle apartment

At the bottom of the Peperbus in Zwolle, B+O Architecten designed an apartment and shop, on a site where an old garage used to be. The location in the city centre has been heavily compacted and has been given a more urban use.

In the façade, you can see that the building is divided in two parts by the square and the alley on which it is located. This is clearly visible in the materials, in the treatment of the hard stone plinth and the colour of the glazing which sits on the building as a first skin. The copper slats form the second skin, which blends in with the façades of the existing city. This allows the unusual appearance to find a point of connection in the old, urban texture and anchors it in a convincing way.

architect: Arnoud Olie and Rikus Siebring / client: private

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