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Care home Het Gastenhuis Roden

On the Schoolstraat in Roden, a care home Het Gastenhuis is being built. The plan includes a new two-layer building containing nineteen living units for people with dementia. The residents each get their own apartment with bathroom. Two apartments are suitable for couples who want to keep living together. There is also a guest room available for visitors. In addition, a shared living room, large living kitchen and a club will be realised. The care home Het Gastenhuis is led by a care couple. For them, a house will be built adjacent to the building. The care homes  approach is to provide small-scale care in a domestic environment.

The design of the building seamlessly suits this vision. For example, it will have the appearance of a house and the terrain is accessible through an open entrance. The shared terrace, the club and the living room are situated on the side of the entrance. An overhang will be placed over the entire façade of the club living room, so the residents can cool off here during warm days. The materials of the building will be in line with the built-up, rural environment.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Amvest

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