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Care home Jannes van der Sleedenhuis Hoogeveen

Commissioned by Woonconcept Vastgoed, B+O Architecten designed a residential assisted living centre for care organisation Jannes van der Sleedenhuis. In total, 93 spacious assisted living apartments have been realised. The new homes for people with care needs has the shape of a plus and consists of a ground floor with three layers. The total gross floor area of the centre is 12,000 m2. The care centre has the appearance of a villa, amidst a green environment.

On the ground floor, the new Jannes van der Sleedenhuis has been partly kept open, so the landscape flows on and the building looks to be floating in the park landscape.

Per floor, the building shifts about 1.2 metres in two directions. The storeys are ‘pushed’ along with the sun direction, as it were. This creates sun blinds and also gives the building a special appearance.

The four wings of the design come together in the middle and form a covered square. Here, the shifts of the building can be seen very well. On the square, people can meet and there are a variety of shops.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Woonconcept Vastgoed / contractor: Brands Bouwgroep B.V. / gross floor area: 12000 m² / completion: 2013

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