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Chicory factory and Witte Villa Dalfsen

The former chicory factory in Dalfsen has been converted into a restaurant and theatre. The accompanying White Villa has also been converted into a restaurant. As a result, the buildings have been appropriately repurposed and historical heritage has been preserved.

The factory was built in 1858 and produced coffee syrup, which was exported worldwide. Production was stopped in 1965, after which the (largely rebuilt) building functioned as town hall from 1981. The adjacent White Villa was previously the residence of the director of the factory and later served as a wedding hall and canteen for the municipal staff.

Chicory factory

A theater with accompanying foyer and a restaurant have been realized in the former factory. The room is also suitable for holding celebrations and parties. The interior has an industrial chic look. For example, the hull has remained as visible and unfinished as possible.

The building was almost completely rebuilt during an earlier renovation into town hall. Elements of the original factory building were only recognizable in the front facade. These original facade elements were used as inspiration for the new facade architecture. For example, wooden frames have been placed in the original layout. The characteristic stucco skirting boards, the cornice and pilasters have also been redesigned.

White Villa

The facade of the White Villa has been restored. In addition, the facades have been plastered again, bringing back the original block motif. A restaurant has been realized on the ground floor and the first floor. The bar is located in the heart of the building, so that from here there is an overview of both the ground floor and the first floor.

The first floor is connected to the ground floor by means of a void. There are also toilets and the staff room on the floor. The interior has an accessible but also a classic look, matching the original function of the villa.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Ontwikkelingscombinatie Waterfront Dalfsen b.v. / contracter: Koenen Bouw / completion: 2016

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