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Fashionstore Modewereld van de Belt De Wijk

Clothing shop Modewereld Van de Belt in the characteristic village De Wijk has gone through a major development. In 2006 and in 2018, it underwent a large-scale expansion. In 2006, the furniture shop made way for the current Modewereld van de Belt and the building got a great make-over, both on the inside and on the outside. This brought a new flood of visitors to the shop, livening up the village. In 2018, another large expansion was done and the shop floor area was doubled.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Modewereld van de Belt / contracter: Aannemersbedrijf Bramer / completion: 2008-2018


In order to realise the first expansion, two houses and a part of the shop were demolished. An entirely new wing was built in their place, which completely fits in with the architecture of the existing building. The impressive façade of the shop was cut up in multiple parts. This keeps the building from looking too large amidst the other buildings.

The new entrance was realised on the corner of the Dorpsstraat and is very inviting thanks to all the glass. A large shop window was added to the façade on the Dorpsstraat, which attracts the visitors attention.

On the Kerkstraat, the façade of the newly built wing is interrupted by a number of large windows with large frames. These new windows have the same characteristics and make a whole of the different façades.

B+O Architecten also made a design for the interior of the shop. A fashion café was also included in the design. This café, which offers a small menu, is a real eye-catcher thanks to its modern appearance. The visitors have a great view of the shop and the courtyard terrace has ample daylight. With this café, the exterior was brought inside and the design became a whole.


In addition to an expansion of 1,730 square metres in shop floor area, office spaces, warehouse space, warehouse space for online shopping and an outlet store were realised. In addition, eight apartments were completed on the first and second floor of the expansion.

With the realisation of the apartments above the expansion, the liveliness in the village has been increased even outside the shop opening hours.

In contrast to the original building with its unambiguous architecture, this time, an architecture with a clear parcellisation and an individual façade appearance was chosen. This allows the expansion to blend into the string-like built-up area that has given the Dorpsstraat its own identity through the centuries.

It is expected that the renewed Modewereld van de Belt shop will open in the autumn of 2018. 

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