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Gas factory Meppel

De Gasfabriek was a tired and discarded building. After the factory lost its original function, it served as a fire station, work station, energy company and office for the municipality workers. This was clearly visible in the interior. The municipality had divided the large and impressive spaces into small boxes, which were covered with system ceilings. Regardless of this user metamorphosis, the soul of the factory was still clearly feasible and it clearly had the potential to regain its position in the city.


The new goal for the Gasfabriek was to offer housing to entrepreneurs in a creative knowledge economy. This goal was met. In de Gasfabriek, entrepreneurs have a chance to develop themselves and meet like-minded people. They can also exchange knowledge and experience and expand their network.

architect: Arnoud Olie / gross floor area: 3200 m² / completion: 2008-2018


During the reconstruction, sustainability was taken into account in multiple ways. Firstly, it was decided to find a new destination for de Gasfabriek, instead of demolishing it or building something new. In addition, a lot of glass was used, so no artificial light needs to be on during the day. The building is heated by underfloor heating instead of radiators. Underfloor heating only has to be heated up to 30 degrees, while radiators only give off sufficient heat starting at 70 degrees.


The balance ventilation with heat recovery also ensures energy saving.

Furthermore, there are no unnecessary finishes in the building, such as system ceilings and plaster walls. As little material as possible has been used.Because the spaces can be organised flexibly, only minor renovation measures have to be taken in the event of expansion or changes within the existing companies.


The monumental character of the Gasfabriek has been preserved as much as possible. The elements that have been added to the interior have an industrial character. The spaces have been kept open and transparent. On the second floor, the decision was made to line the corridor walls with glass, so the structure of the roof remains in sight.

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