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Care home Het Gastenhuis Almere Duin

A care home from Het Gastenhuis is realized Almere Duin. The new building is part of the development of a new part of Almere. This area is being developed by Amvest after they have won a competition based on the design by ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles) and BVR Adviseurs. Located on the IJmeer and overlooking Amsterdam, a unique neighborhood is being built in a completely newly constructed dune landscape with forest and beach. In addition, a marina and boulevard are being built. Close to the beach and in the new Kreekbos-Zuid district, the new Gastenhuis has been built.

The design of the care home is fully in line with the character of the new district. This is mainly reflected in the sand colors of the brick, the jointing, the facade cladding and the bronze aluminum frames. In addition, the building has wooden accents. For example, a wooden, contemporary veranda has been  realized on the side of the shared living room and the club.

The care home has a cubist character with different height accents. Transparent zones are created at the transitions of the various functions in the building. These give the mainly masonry volume the correct parcelling and a small scale character.

The new building consists of two layers, containing twenty care apartments. Two apartments are suitable for (married) couples who want to continue living together. In addition, a shared living room, a large kitchen and a social room are realized. There is also a guest room available. The care team of Het Gasthuis is managed by a care couple. A house has been built for them in the building.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Amvest / contractor: Reinbouw B.V. / completion: 2021 / photo credits: Reinbouw B.V.

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