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Care home Het Gastenhuis Zwolle

The Stadshagen district in Zwolle has developed over the years into a pleasant living environment. But the program lacked a residential care facility for people with dementia. With the development of Het Gastenhuis this is also be provided. The new building of Het Gastenhuis fills the space between the two (temporary) schools on the Zandzegge and fits in well with its surroundings in terms of architecture.

The new building consists of a three-layered building containing twenty residential units for people with dementia. The residents each have their own apartment with bathroom. Two apartments are suitable for couples who want to continue living together.

In addition, a shared living room, large kitchen and a club are realized. A guest bedroom is also available for guests. The care home is led by a care couple. A house has been realized for them in the building. The approach of Het Gastenhuis is to provide small-scale care in a homely environment.

The design of the building fits seamlessly with this vision. The choice of material and color of the building is in line with the surrounding buildings. In consultation with the Municipality of Zwolle, an urban design accent has been subtly elaborated on the corner of Werkerlaan and Heemraadhof, by giving the facade more openness here and interweaving the accent in garden design.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Amvest / completion: 2021

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