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Hay drier Meppel

B+O Architecten has designed two warehouses for the storage of hay on the so-called ‘wet’ industrial area in Meppel, commissioned by Groenvoeders Flevoland. From the drier in Ruinerwold, the dried grass is transported to the halls, where it is temporarily stored before being transported via ships.

The largest of the two halls is entirely used as a bulk storage for dried grass. The building consists of a series of concrete storage bunkers with a transport system in between. A steel construction covered with corrugated sheets was placed over this.

The smaller hall also houses a couple of offices. The rest of the space is used as a temporary storage. The building consists of steel trusses, covered with steel plank profiles and corrugated sheets.

Thanks to the use of dark-grey fa├žade and roof cladding, the halls do not appear to be intrusive in the area, but they are clearly present.

With the design for these halls, B+O Architecten demonstrated that even very industrial buildings can be an asset to a business park, with the right design, choice of materials and use of colour.

architect: Pieter Brink / client: Grasdrogerij Ruinerwold / completion: 2008

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