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Schouwerzijl House

In one of the pendulums of the winding river ‘Het Reitdiep’ in Groningen, there is a special stud farm. The most important spaces can be found on the ground floor in this contemporary and robust house. A workshop space/lookout has been realised on the second floor. The ‘roof lantern’ is located at a height of six metres and offers a view of the landscape and the erratic course of the Reitdiep. The adjacent stables hold space for twenty horses.

There used to be a traditional Groningen farm in the location of the new house dating back to the start of the previous century. The farm was in dilapidated condition and was therefore demolished. In its place, a remarkable farm was rebuilt, which fits in with the environment very well. The robust character of the new house is a reaction to the open landscape of Groningen, where the wind has free reign. Together, the separated house with stables form the profile of a traditional farm in Groningen.

architect: Pieter Brink / client: private / contractor: Hylmar Diemer Bouwbedrijf B.V.

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