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Houseboat Muggenbeet

Located on a small, almost untraceable road in Muggenbeet, between the National Parks de Weerribben and de Wieden, lies a remarkable houseboat.

This houseboat has two floors; upstairs is the glass house, with robust corner solutions, beautiful details and sustainable materials, and downstairs, almost disappearing under the water surface, three bedrooms and the bathroom.

When no one is there, the boat is a closed box in the landscape. When the human comes, the closed box changes into a glass house. The sides flip open slowly and this way, patios are created on three sides of the house. As a result, the design of the houseboat – when in open position – pulls the outside in and even allows the inside of the house to be blended into the surroundings. Interior and exterior, open and closed meet here in the most extreme form.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: private

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