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Het Autismehuis Zwolle

Het Autismehuis in Zwolle provides day and weekend care to children with autism. In addition, parents and those interested are welcome here for information and education about the disorder.

In the design, made by architect Arnoud Olie, the needs of the children have been taken into account in all possible ways. For example, they mainly need peace, regularity and space. That is why the house has become a spacious building, offering large-scaled interaction between the bedrooms and the common areas. The building is also in line with the landscape because of its oak wood terraces, allowing the children to ultimately experience the natural surroundings. The use of oak wood is also a reference to the Eikenlaantje, along which the building is situated.

Each child has their own bedroom and there are many separate rooms where they can make art or chat. The decor was kept very basic, so the kids do not receive too many impulses. The accent colours are mainly blue, green and grey.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Rottinghuis’ Aannemingsbedrijf bv / contractor: Rottinghuis’ Aannemingsbedrijf bv / completion: 2011

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