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House Nieuw Haamstede

A special house has been built on a beach road in Nieuw Haamstede in Zeeland, which fully integrates into the surrounding area. The 5000 m2 plot was completely overgrown and taken over by nature. In cooperation with a landscape architect, the plot was carefully opened, creating space for the new building. As many trees as possible have been preserved. The garden was later laid out with marram grass and dune sand. The dune and the garden thus merge.

The special diamond shape of the lot was also leading for the shape of the 575 gross m2 house. In addition, the house is built on an artificial dune of a meter high, so that a view of the surrounding nature has been created. This also made it possible to park the cars out of sight in an underground parking garage.


The large roof is characteristic of the house. The high atriums and large glass fronts merge inside and outside. The living room is hidden and intimately deeper into the house, while the kitchen and dining room offer full views of the dunes. The materialization is tailored to the location. For example, aging oak wood, natural stone and a sedum roof have been used. Under the roof overhangs, an accent has been placed in the form of white and shimmering mineral stone. Modest materials have also been used in the interior, such as a concrete floor and wooden frames and doors.

Due to the open gutter, the rainwater remains on the plot, so that the soil water is maintained. The house is also not connected to gas and generates its own energy. This makes the house completely energy neutral.

architect: Pieter Brink / client: private / contractor: Bijkerk Bouw / completion: 2019

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