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In Langeveen, twelve houses will be realised on a so-called farmyard. A farmyard is where all the old paths and roads came together between the barns. The farmyard in Langeveen lost its agricultural function and is now being developed for residential construction. Characteristic of the farmyard is the enormous landscape quality and space. The planned area covers approximately 3.8 hectares.

The houses will all be given a fitting design and detailing, inspired by a traditional farmyard in a small and natural landscape in Twente. The houses are suitable for multiple target groups. For example, detached, semi-detached, row and corner houses will be built. The entrances to the houses are adjacent to the shared, central yard. The gardens are oriented towards the landscape and therefore offer room for personal interpretation.

architect: Pieter Brink / client: ErfGoed Landelijk Bouwen

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