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Houses Hoogeveen

The Krakeel neighbourhood in Hoogeveen has undergone a major metamorphosis. Houses were renovated or demolished and new residential projects were realised in various locations. In addition, a lot of attention has been paid to the public space. Streets and squares have been re-paved, new street furniture has been placed, ponds have been laid out and safe playgrounds have been created. Commissioned by Woonconcept Vastgoed, B+O Architecten implemented the design for the De Hofstede sub-area, consisting of 28 new homes.


A farm, rural living and the Drenthe countryside were sources of inspiration for the design of the houses. The design consist of six volumes, which together form a closed farm with one access point on the south side. This creates a completely different, much more intimate atmosphere inside the farm compared to the surrounding area. The farm, like the other sub-plans in the area, is situated on an elevation, a mound as it were, as a result of which the Hofstede rises from the landscape as a whole.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Woonconcept Vastgoed / contractor: Heijmans Bouw Assen B.V.

On the outside of the farm are the front doors of the houses. The gutter height is quite low all around. The roof surface on the outside consists of two parts that overlap. The upper part is covered with traditional orange-red roof tiles and lies above the (subordinate) lower roof surface with dull-grey roof tiles. This prevents large, one-dimensional roof surfaces. The other materials fit in with the idea that the farm consist of barn volumes: natural materials, such as masonry and black wooden cladding.

At the entrance, the barn has been ‘cut in’, allowing cars to enter. The cars can be parked in a carport on the property. Space has even been found to give visitors’ cars a spot on the courtyard.

On the heads of the houses, in the ridge, large triangular windows have been made, which reinforce the reference to the farmhouse.

The courtyard is a secluded world to which only those living there have access. This makes it a nice and safe place for playing children. The design of the carports and the storage areas is also uniform and subdued in terms of material and colour throughout the entire plan. This brings about a pleasant and well-organised living climate, in addition to counteracting cluttering in the courtyard.

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