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Houses Wiarda

In the hamlet of Wiarda in Leeuwarden, an expansion district is being realized in which content is given to ‘Living at the water’ in various ways. The area is divided into four different areas, in which the architecture is in line with the themes of ‘boat houses’, ‘water village’, ‘forest living’ and ‘ensembles’.

The border area of ​​the expansion has been given the theme ‘woodland living’. A strip of forest is being planted here, creating a sheltered edge. Six semi-detached houses will be built against this edge of the forest. The design of the houses is fully in line with the theme of ‘forest living’. This is clearly reflected in the materialization. For example, the facade consists of wood and a gray mixed brick. The bronze-coloured window frames and subdued gray roof tiles are in line with this.

A special feature of the design of the houses is the kink in the roof at the front and the large overhangs. One of the houses of each block has an extension with a roof terrace at the front. The front garden is south-facing, which means that you can live on the street side in all seasons, both indoors and outdoors. The back garden, located on the north, borders on the edge of the forest, which means that nature can be experienced here. A garden room can possibly be realized here to get more living space.

The houses are built almost energy neutral. They will be gas-free and equipped with solar panels. The sale of the houses will start soon. The houses are expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Samen Bouwzaken. / completion: 2023

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