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Houses Stadskanaal

The Maarsstee district in Stadskanaal has undergone a major metamorphosis. The flats and dated houses have been mostly demolished. In their place, new houses and apartments for various target groups have been built.

Together with Sacon b.v. from Zwolle, B+O Architecten, commissioned by housing corporation Lefier, made an urban plan for the area in the Maarsstee district, which is bordered by the Luxemburglaan, the Gelderselaan, the Groningerlaan and the residential houses on the Nederlandlaan. Next, a design was made for the various types of houses in the area.

Houses have been built for various target groups, namely starters, families and seniors. The different types of houses are spread out over the various blocks. Because of the division in the wood and brick fa├žades, as well as the varied placement of the window frames, the separate houses are not recognisable at a single glance. To give the houses their own identity and recognisability, the front doors and the windows have been painted in various striking colours.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Woningcorporatie Lefier

The buildings along the Luxemburglaan form an urban wall along the avenue. The building line on the other streets, perpendicular to the Luxemburglaan, is set so that there is a visually open space halfway along the street. These open spaces are connected by an informal cycling and walking route, parallel to the Luxemburglaan. The buildings on the corners of the open spaces and the cycling and walking route are higher, forming an accent.

The courtyards between the houses are the counter-mould of the widening and narrowing streets. These courtyards have also been designed as shared living and playing areas by B+O Architecten. By including the yard separations of the houses in the design, the courtyard is prevented from becoming an overly cluttered or unpleasant space.

With the urban design plan and the design for the houses, B+O Architecten has given a new future to this part of the Stadskanaal.

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