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The Mobile Home

Living. A simple verb. Right? But what does this mean? When does one live? It starts with a roof over your head. Nothing more, nothing less. But even this most humble condition is not achievable for everyone. Millions people in the world long for only one thing: a place of their own. That is why B+O Architecten has designed the Mobile Home. The Mobile Home is able to offer many people full housing in a short period of time.

The Mobile Home is a twelve-metre long and two-and-a-half-metre wide container when folded. This way, the house can easily be stacked and transported. As soon as the side walls are extended, the container unfolds into a fully-fledged house at a width of six metres. The house has four bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom and has a living surface of 75 square metres. 

There is an option to install solar panels on the roof, with which the house can independently generate energy.

Because the house is easy to transport, people – for example in disaster areas – can quickly be provided with housing. The house can be placed quickly and is, contrary to a container house, a fully-fledged house.

B+O Architecten would like to produce more Mobile Homes, so more people can find a home. Do you want to help us do this? Please send an e-mail to info@benoarchitects.com.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: B+O Architects / gross floor area: 75 m² / completion: 2011

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