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Museum 't Olde Maat Uus Giethoorn

Museum ‘Olde Maat Uus in Giethoorn has been restored, rebuilt and an expansion has taken place. Reason for the expansion was the demand for more room in the monumental farm. Because there was no space for an expansion on the site, a new room was realised underground. The immersion cellar makes this project special. Because of the high groundwater level in Giethoorn, the cellar was built above ground level. Then, in six weeks, the tank was sunken down to 4 metres below ground level. This was done with respect for the environment and without any damage to the surrounding buildings. The museum now has a larger reception area, more exposition space and a new meeting room. In collaboration with a specialist in the field of museum organisation, the interior was also adapted.

One of the requests was to also lower the energy use in the building and to make the museum comply with contemporary demands. The museum is now better insulated and sustainable installations have been placed, obviously while retaining the historic identity. The renewed museum has more great years ahead of it thanks to these adaptations.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Stichting Museumboerderij ‘t Olde Maat Uus / completion: 2017

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