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Office building Agrifirm Apeldoorn

In the design of the new main office of the agricultural and horticultural corporation Agrifirm in Apeldoorn, the identity of the corporation was strongly taken into account. For example, the building has a tough, contemporary character with industrial accents from the nineteenth century. The interior of the building also reflects Agrifirm’s identity and has been designed in such a way that the ‘New Way of Working’ can be fully expressed.

The building consists of two rectangular wings, which are perpendicular to the two adjacent roads. Both wings are about 15 to 60 metres and have 3 storeys. A connecting hall, which also serves as the entrance of the building, brings the wings together and ensures the connections in the building. 

Underneath the entire building is a basement, where a parking garage and the facility rooms are. The wall dams, the platform and the red brick in the façades of the building refer to the silo buildings from the nineteenth and early twentieth century. The straight and simple shapes are also a direct reference to the past.

The grey steel plate accents in the top façades on the other hand refer to the modern silos and give the design and industrial appearance. This way, the old and the new meet again in a unique way and the building has a robust, modern and tough appearance. This makes the design fit in seamlessly with the identity of the company.

architect: Pieter Brink / client: Agrifirm BV / contractor: Koopmans Bouw b.v. / completion: 2012



The interior of the building has a warm and tough appearance thanks to the use of natural materials such as wood, concrete and glass. There is, for example , a metre high loft in the entrance hall which can be accessed via large, steel stairs. The glass entrance, with sturdy steel columns, brings the light deep into the entrance area.

Plastic panels have been used throughout the entire building , with dried grass and various types of grain between them. The use of large photo prints also reflects the identity of the corporation very well.

The office building has also been decorated according to the principles of the New Way of Working, but with an ‘Agrifirm’ touch. This means that there are flexible working stations, concentration areas, meeting areas and meeting rooms. The departments sit together however, in order to make use of each other’s specialities and talents and to maintain the connection.

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