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Office building ForTop

The new business building of the parts supplier ForTop in Zwartsluis serves as an office and warehouse space. The building has many characteristic features and is detailed in design. Because of this, it does not look like a typical new business building. The authentic elements give the building a timeless appeal.

The design was inspired by the first design that Gerrit Rietveld made for a factory, namely Weverij de Ploeg. The curved shed roofs of the Weverij are reflected in the design for ForTop. The windows in the roof allow for a lot of daylight to fall into the building. This is not only very pleasant for the employees, but also ensures that the lights do not have to be on more than necessary.

Mostly sustainable and robust materials have been applied in the design. The walls are made of dark brick and the concrete construction has been left out of sight as much as possible. This gives ForTop’s new location a factory-like appearance. The building covers a total area of 640 m2, 400 m2 of which have been designed as office space. The rest of the space is meant for storage.

In the second phase, that starts in the summer of 2018, an identical building will be built on the premises. This building will provide housing to various companies.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: ForTop automation & energycontrol / gross floor area: 640 m² / completion: 2012

This project is published on the renowned design website Dezeen

ground floor

first floor

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