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Patio House Oldeholtpade

Light, space, landscape, modernity and privacy are some themes that served as the basis for the creation of this home. Two visual lines run straight through the house, which make the inside and outside flow into each other. The living room and the kitchen have large glass walls, allowing for the landscape to be blended into the interior seamlessly. The spaces in the house have been organised under a large, square roof and around a patio. This extra outdoor space has an intimate atmosphere and offers the resident a secluded outdoor area, next to the extensive landscaped garden.

Beneath the roof an office has also been created which is separate from the house, but still a part of the whole. Under one of the far-extending roof points adjacent to the kitchen, there is a large dining table; the residents have really brought the inside of the house outside here.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: private / completion: 2009

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