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Private House

A sample map of the work that B+O Architecten has built in recent years can be found in the expansion district Dunningen in de Wijk. Large contemporary houses, bungalows, a restored farmhouse, villas, a row of 14 neo-traditional houses and a large apartment complex.

At the edge of the neighbourhood also stands a remarkable house that stands out because of its robust appearance and the consequent use of colour. The anthracite wooden slat fa├žade, with the roof tiles in the same colour, are lined with a light brown, wooden trim. The most eye-catching detail is the glass cutout in the roof, which ensures that ample light can enter the house.

The sleeping areas are built half-sunken, which lifts the living area up. This division is accentuated by a large floor, which also serves as a porch. The floor of the living area of the house is folded into the roof in one subtle movement. This fold is slightly tapered as well, causing pleasant, sheltered edges on the porch. This change gives the house a very recognisable, individual atmosphere.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: private

Large glass doors open onto the porch and can be opened entirely, which creates and optimal transition from the inside out. The residents have gained a large, extra outdoor area this way.

The barn is an inseparable part of the house and the garden. It really is a miniature version of the house. Both buildings are positioned apart from each other and capture a recognisable place in the streets.

The inside of the house is completely opposite from the outside when it comes to use of colour. The spacious house is open and the large windows and the roof allow a lot of light to enter the house. No elevation has been incorporated in the living area, which allows for the total space to be experienced, all the way up to the roof. The wooden roof has been painted white and a large, concrete staircase provides access to the middle part of the house, which has been turned into a pleasant lounging area thanks to the glass roof. The whole house is one space under one roof, which allows the space to be ultimately experienced.

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