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Knowledge hub Roden

The municipality of Noordenveld wants to realise a high-quality knowledge area with the business park ‘Haarveld’, where knowledge intensive businesses offer an important added value. This could include attractive opportunities for collaboration. In addition, the business park must be as much energy-neutral as possible. This has the aim to give an innovative impulse and to serve as an example of how a sustainable business park can be realised, based on its own energy supply and through smart services and facilities.

B+O Architecten were requested to develop and visualise an alternative to the current and outdated subdivision plan of the area. In the design, Haarveld is an energy-neutral technological knowledge area, where meetings are the main focus.

In addition to independent commercial buildings, the design includes a large enterprise centre with many shared facilities, which fits in with the rural and park-like environment of energy-neutral Haarveld.
In addition, the site also offers possibilities for relaxing activities. Furthermore, the users of this site have all the necessary facilities in one place.

The area can consist of different themes in terms of form. For example, B+O Architecten made a design with an industrial character, in which a robust brick architecture is applied. A design was also made in which entrepreneurship is made possible in a high-quality green environment. The third theme focuses on a recognisable environment with traditional commercial buildings. Theme four consists of separate pavilions in a park-like forest. In theme five, the water element is the main focus and the buildings have the appearance of boat houses.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Parkmanagement Haarveld

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