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Store Meppel

A historic building in the centre of Meppel has been fully restored. The sixteenth-century building originally housed students, but was converted into a shop after a major restoration. Whilst remodelling the shop, many original details were preserved or restored. The façade for example, was altered. In consultation with the State Service for Cultural Heritage and the Old Meppel Foundation, the colour of the plaster was brought back to the original light grey and the horizontal façade elements and the plinth of the building were built using bluestone.

The former entrance of the building was not suitable as an entrance for a shop. Therefore, the parapet under the two windows was removed and the windows are now separate entrance areas. From here, one is now able to access the new shop and the original monumental corridor, which runs to the stairwell. The authentic terrazzo flooring is in a direct line of sight as an eye-catcher. The rest of the ground floor is arranged as a shop. It was necessary for some walls to be knocked down, but the original stucco ceilings were preserved. In areas where no stucco ceilings were present, these were reapplied with stucco or the old joists remained in sight. The shop has a floor area of ​​550 m2.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: private / contracter: Koenen Bouw- en Aannemingsmaatschappij bv / gross floor area: 550 m² / completion: 2013

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