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The Sting store Nijmegen

B+O Architects has designed a new shop on the site of the ‘ugliest building in Nijmegen’. This title was granted to the former and now demolished building by three thousand of Nijmegen’s inhabitants. In the nineteen-sixties, the original nineteenth-century buildings were demolished and replaced with a building with corrugated plate walls. The new design of the building honours the history of the place; and thus, the three present façades were inspired by the original buildings.

The three façades all have their individual character: the middle façade is richly detailed with arches, lintels and bay windows; the left side is less detailed, but contains a fitted canopy; the court façade is classically austere. All three façades on the ground floor have a contemporary aesthetic, achieved through the use of glass and steel.

It was a conscious decision to bring back these classical façades, as they allow authenticity and unity on the street. Therefore, though the design was inspired by the past, the building is both historical and modern in character. This strengthens the street and the building.

The property functions as a clothing shop with a floor area of ​​two thousand square metres.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Dela Vastgoed B.V / contractor: Koenen Bouw- en Aannemingsbedrijf bv / gross floor area: 2000 m² / completion: 2015

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