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Theatre Ogterop Meppel

Theatre Ogterop has grown from a coffee house to the theatre of Meppel and surroundings. Over the years, many renovations and expansions have taken place around the monumental theatre. As a result of all these renovations and expansions, the building was cumbersome and unclear. The building also no longer met the current requirements and wishes that visitors and theatre companies have for a theatre. That is why B+O Architecten made a design for the total renovation and upgrading of the entrance and the foyers.

Starting point for the design was the desire to create contemporary and transparent reception areas. For this reason, the internal walls and the lowered ceilings have been removed. Subsequently, separate spaces were created in the large open spaces, by means of movable glass partition walls. Furthermore, all rooms have been re-upholstered and have been given a contemporary colour scheme.

Finally, B+O Architecten designed the mobile bar elements, reception desk and coat check. A lightning design was also made, and B+O Architecten has taken care of an interior design for the separate interior.

With this renovation and upgrading, Theatre Ogterop has become the contemporary and transparent theatre that meets all the wishes of visitors and users.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: theatre Ogterop / completion: 2009

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