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Havenkwartier Assen

Het Havenkwartier is Assen will, if the plans continue, get a completely new interpretation. The existing industrial site will be transformed into a residential and working area with a warehouse appearance. The canal will also be integrated into the area. The plan involves about 1,000 homes, but can grow to a neighbourhood with approximately 3,000 homes. The homes will mostly be placed directly at or near the water. Because the homes will have characteristics of both old and contemporary warehouses, the area’s industrial character is preserved.

The monumental grain silo will remain and will becomeĀ partĀ of the area. Furthermore, the water was taken as the starting point in the design. The canal will be expanded because new branches will be laid out. The former grain silo and adjacent buildings will be surrounded entirely by the water, forming the future silo-island.

To bring the water to a high level, a new sluice will be built. Docks will be built on the wide quays. There will be space for small-scale catering businesses in the harbour area, mainly on the silo-island. All these renovations ensure that the Havenkwartier will be transformed into an inspiring area, with the silo-island as its beating heart. And all this within walking distance from the city centre.

The urban plan and the design came about in collaboration. The plan largely comes from the landscape company La4sale.
The architectural interpretation of the Havenkwartier with the silo-island comes from architect Pieter Brink of B+O Architecten. Architecture firm Mulleners + Mulleners designed the cattle market area.

architect: Pieter Brink

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