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Villa Rhee

A rural, authentic meadow in Rhee is being transformed into a special estate where living and ‘being’ are central. The regional, original character of the area is being restored by means of planting and afforestation. A special and contemporary villa, in which can be lived in generously but witch adapts to the landscape, is being realized at a central location on the plot. The villa is inspired by the Barcelona Pavilion and Villa Tugendhat by Mies van de Rohe. This is reflected in the clean lines, the clear shapes, the materials used and the modest but strong character. All outer walls consist of glass, so that there is a generous view of the surrounding nature from everywhere in the villa. The spacious roof overhangs offer security and shade.

The ground floor is elevated compared to the current ground level. This creates space for a semi-sunken basement, containing the bedrooms, garage and storage room. The living and sleeping areas are located on the ground floor. A visual axis has been created from the entrance. This offers a view of the garden and the landscape from the hall and over the outdoor pool, which is placed at right angles to the building volume. Upon entering, the eye immediately falls on the landscape in the distance. The materialization of the villa consists of gray natural stone, glass and blue-green marble accents. The villa is expected to be completed this year.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: private / contractor: Aannemersbedrijf Henk Troost / completion: 2022

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