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Forests, meadows with colorful flowers and buzzing insects overlooking the classic silhouette of moors and the winding river Reest are all part of the landscape mosaic of the village of IJhorst. Together they create the uniqueness of this region. Today there is a 17 meter high observation tower at this location. The project (built with the contribution of the local residents, companies, Het Landschap Overijssel and the Municipality of Staphorst, but also partly from subsidy funds) has become a new landmark in the brook valley of the Reest near IJhorst. Thanks to the observation tower, the historic stream valley can be admired from a bird’s eye view.

architect: Arnoud Olie / initiator: Stichting dorpsraad IJhorst-Lankhorst / estimation of completion: 2023

urban acupuncture

Urban acupuncture entails improving the quality of life in cities through small architectural elements and interventions. With this concept in mind, a observation tower was constructed on the edge of the stream valley near IJhorst.


Its simple wooden construction increased the quality of life and tourist attractiveness of the brook valley and the village and offers a view of the further development and attractiveness of its surroundings.

social aspect

The realization of the observation tower originated as a social initiative. Residents and members of the village community became involved and became part of the implementation process. Materials have been found in the local surroundings and was made possible through voluntary donations. The realization was also largely carried out with the help of volunteers and enthusiastic residents from the village.


The aim was not only the realization of a new recreational facility, but also the revival of the historical heritage and memories of the observation tower that once stood in the village.


The observation tower is designed from natural materials, mainly wood, which were available in the vicinity of the construction site. Where this proved impossible, from the point of view of (constructive) safety, it was decided to add in very limited form of steel construction or connection of the wooden construction parts. The observation tower has thus not only been created sustainably, but also ensures that the structure of the tower is easily integrated into the nature reserve in which it is located.


Color, scent, and texture are all factors that influence the natural environment; natural materials blend into the environment and ensure that the living environment of biodiversity is not disturbed.