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Zara Zwolle

Behind the monumental former Provincial office in the centre of Zwolle, a large retail shop has been designed and rebuilt. B+O Architects were involved in this project from the initiatial phase until completion.

The original building was built as Provincial office in 1897 and expanded and converted into a library in the 1980s. The façade and front of the monumental building have been preserved.

The expansion that was built in the 1980s did not prove suitable for achieving the desired retail area. For this reason, the expansion was redesigned and reconstructed. The design takes into account the continuity of the historic context of the city centre. The roof slopes and ridges are aligned with the important landmarks in the city creating a valuable addition to the city’s powerful roofing landscape.

With the new expansion, this building remains a valuable and sustainable part of the city’s history and architecture.

The expansion is also unique in its omnidirectional character. The building was designed without front or back, creating a place in the city that is accessible from all sides. The new building is a central hub that positively influences its immediate environment.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Dela Vastgoed B.V / contractor: Rottinghuis’ aannemingsbedrijf bv / gross floor area: 4454 m² / completion: 2017

back facade

front facade

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