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Apartments Geleen

In Geleen, a so-called residential villa is being built on behalf of Woonstaete. This is a small-scale residential building containing 12 apartments. The development of the Haese district is completed with the construction of the residential villa. The building will be located in a prominent location on Rijksweg Noord, which has traditionally been the connecting road between Geleen and Sittard. Here, the residential villa, together with the existing buildings, forms the connection in structures.

The residential villa has a modest design, in which the sleek stucco frames are alternated with accents of stone and aluminum frames. Thanks to its light color scheme, the modern building contrasts with the green surroundings, creating a special spatial integration. As a result, starters and seniors will be able to live in a pleasant surrounding.

The residential building will be very energy efficient, both during construction and during future use by the residents. The building will be completely prefabricated, which means that the panels with steel construction will be delivered and assembled immediately on site. As a result, much fewer transport movements are required and the building can be completed quickly, resulting in minimal nuisance for local residents. In addition, the residents of the apartments will have no energy costs, thanks to the use of a heat pump and solar collectors.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Woonstaete / contracter: AKOR Group / completion: 2022

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