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Apartment building and houses city center Meppel

An apartment building and ten ground-level residential houses are being built in the city center of Meppel. The realization is part of a total redevelopment of the Het Vledder area. B+O has designed the urban development plan for this area. The landscape design comes from Buro MAAN. Earlier, two apartment buildings with twelve apartments were realized in the area. In addition, the facade of the existing supermarket has been renovated and a second supermarket has been built. The entire area will have a park-like appearance, with the new construction in line with the originally industrial character of the area. The still existing Gas factory, dating from 1861, is located on the canal. The factory has been appropriately repurposed and is a frame of reference for Het Vledder. The apartment building on the Gasgracht has an all-round character and therefore has no clear front or rear. A total of fourteen apartments and two penthouses will be built. The masonry and steel balconies give the building a contemporary, industrial look. The building is given the name ‘Stokerij’, which refers to the original buildings of the adjacent gas factory.

The apartments have a living space of 120 m2 to 155 m2 and an outdoor area of ​​approximately 30 m2. The penthouses have a living area of ​​approximately 185 m2 and have three terraces with a total area of ​​approximately 100 m2. The houses consist of two semi-detached houses and two blocks of three and five houses. The semi-detached houses have the characteristics of a canal house through which the ribbon of development on the Gasgracht continues to the Vledder. The terraced houses on the Vledder have the same brick architecture characteristics as the houses on the Gasgracht, with the concrete canopy as an architectural element connecting the houses with each other.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Koopmans TBI / contractor: Koopmans TBI / completion: 2023

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