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Store Rotterdam

In the centre of Rotterdam, on the corner of Oude Binnenweg and Karel Doormanstraat, B+O Architects has drawn a new glass skin around an existing structure of a post-war shop building. As a result, it has become an individual block on the street.

The façades that make up the corner of the building are fully glazed, accommodating two large stores. On the other two sides are brick façades. These façades have irregular glazing, for purely functional reasons: to provide the underlying spaces with light.

At the top of the block is the restaurant “La Place”. The restaurant has two sides with stunning views over the city skyline. Where the two roofs meet, a large terrace is situated, where it is possible for one to enjoy an even grander view.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Dulvast Management B.V. / completion: 2007

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