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Grain warehouse Coevorden

The deteriorated grain warehouse ‘De Vlijt’ in the city centre of Coevorden has been restored to its former glory. The monumental building now serves as a hotel. A new part was built against the old warehouse. The two buildings have been connected through wooden attics and trusses. In total, 24 luxury hotel rooms have been realised.

Before the renovation, the grain warehouse was in very poor condition. The grain that used to be stored in ‘De Vlijt’ had seriously damaged the wooden beams. However, this was no reason not to use the rustic wood in the new design. The beams add an intimate touch to the hotel rooms that have been built in the warehouse. The old grain chambers are also a striking eye-catcher in the reception area. This way, ‘de Vlijt’ presents herself from her best angles and a part of history was made visible. In addition, the outer façade was restored to its original state and the name ‘de Vlijt’ proudly graces the façade.

A new building was placed next to de Vlijt, which supports the characteristic Vlijt in a subtle way. The façade of the new building is a little further from the water, placing it further back compared to de Vlijt. As a result, the old warehouse is accentuated. On one hand, the new building has respect for the adjacent monument, but on the other hand it is very unique. In a hundred years, this building will also be seen as a monument.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: Kasteel Coevorden / contractor: Bouwbedrijf Donker / completion: 2012

old situation

new situation

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