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Houses Ter Borch

Nine water villas are being built in the new residential area of ​​Rietwijk in Ter Borch, near the city of Groningen. Six of the villas are semi-detached houses. The other three are detached. The Rietwijk is a high-quality area where flora, fauna and water dominate. Living conforms to nature. This is clearly reflected in the design. For example, the houses are not situated in a straight row. The buildings ‘move’ with the area in a natural way. In addition, the garden is located on the water, so that the water can be fully experienced. A jetty will also be placed here.

The architecture is contemporary, powerful and consists of a simple design language. The materialization consists of natural materials with subdued natural tones. For example, wooden facade cladding and light brown, gray mixed bricks are used. At the Beekjuffer, nature gets a maximum stage and is therefore a place where you feel completely at home and are part of the water-rich environment.

architect: Arnoud Olie / client: WVG Ontwikkeling B.V. / images: WVG Ontwikkeling B.V.

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